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2015      COPPELIA, traditional choreography Saint Leon, plus Maina Gielgud (Christine Walsh Conservatoire of Ballet)

2014      LA SYLPHIDE, Choreography Bournonville, new production (Hungarian National Ballet)

2014     DON QUIXOTTE  Nureyev production (La Scala Milan) 

2013    LA SYLPHIDE, Choreography Bournonville, production Bruhn (Rome Opera) 

2013     SWAN LAKE, Nureyev production, (La Scala Milan) 

2013    SUITE EN BLANC, Choreography Lifar  (San Francisco Ballet) 

2012    SUITE EN BLANC, Choreography Lifar  (San Francisco Ballet)

2012    SONG OF A WAYFARER, Choreography Bejart,  (National Ballet of Canada)

2012    DON QUIXOTTE, Nureyev production,  (Boston Ballet)

2011    SUITE EN BLANC, Choreography Lifar  (English National Ballet)

2009    GISELLE Peter Farmer design,  (Boston Ballet)

2009    GISELLE with new design by Jean-Marc Puissant, (Ballet du Rhin)

2008    FOUR LAST SONGS, Choreography Bejart  (Paris Opera Ballet)

2008    SUITE EN BLANC, Choreography Lifar  (Hong Kong Ballet)

2007    FOUR LAST SONGS, Choreography Bejart  (Staatsballet Berlin)

2007    GISELLE Peter Farmer design,  (Boston Ballet)

2006    GISELLE Peter Farmer design, restaging (The Australian Ballet)


2005    GISELLE Peter Farmer design,  (Houston Ballet)


2003    GISELLE with new design by Jean-Marc Puissant, (Ballet du Rhin)


2002    GISELLE Peter Farmer design,  (Boston Ballet)


1986    New production of GISELLE designed by Peter Farmer, which was also performed in 1990 at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York and in 1992 at the Coliseum, London.  (The Australian Ballet)


1984    New Production of THE SLEEPING BEAUTY designed by Hugh Colman, with extra choreography, which was also performed in 1988 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. (The Australian Ballet)



2018    CINDERELLA (Prokofiev) with guest artists Venus Villa and Rolando Sarabia (Goh Ballet Vancouver)

2017    STORM and SUNDAY MORNING (Benjamin Britten Sea Interludes) (Ellison Ballet for Showcases and YAGP)

2016    SOLO (Ellison Ballet Showcase and YAGP)

1981    THE SOLDIERS TALE  choreographed (and danced the role of The Princess) (Stravinsky), (directed by Michael Kustow, starring Claire Bloom, Simon Callow, Wayne Sleep), (London Festival Hall)


1980    GHOSTIES AND GHOULIES choreographed and staged (collage), (London City Ballet)


1978 - 1981     STEPS NOTES AND SQUEAKS devised, produced and directed

Performed in London, England; at Royal Court Theatre, Open Space Theatre, Ambassadors Theatre and The Old Vic;  Glasgow, Scotland; University; Stellenbosch, South Africa; Athens, GreeceParis, France (called  Petipa et Crac);: Espace Cardin;  Perth, Sydney, Canberra; Australia;  New Zealand

 Guest appearances in STEPS NOTES AND SQUEAKS included those by:

Dame Ninette de Valois

Svetlana Beriosova

Anton Dolin

Sir Robert Helpmann

Yvette Chauvire

Rosella Hightower

Peter Darrell

Wayne Sleep

Gigi Caciulaneau


 1975   Choreographed THE LITTLE PRINCE(Janacek), (London Festival Ballet Workshop)

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